We Meet in Homes

If you had no history or exposure to the church at all other than reading the New Testament, what would you expect to see if someone invited you to a gathering of a church?  As a community church that is focused on loving and serving a college campus, we have thought about this question a lot. We want people to know God, grow in their relationship with Him as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, understand and grow in the Scripture, be disciples who disciple others, and sharing the good new of Jesus with those around us. Based on the way Paul describes the church in 1 Corinthians and Ephesians, we would expect to see people contributing their spiritual gifts.  We’d picture people living like a true family  (Ohana) inside and outside of the gathering.  We’d expect to see a lot of smiling, a lot of hugging, a lot of crying together, a lot of meals shared, and a lot of life connection throughout the week...much like our experience with friends in college! It's how God created us to know Him and walk with Him.

In order to help us truly love each other, we’ve committed to having churches of 15-25 people meeting in a home, not a large group, but a larger family gathering together.  We’ve seen that once we get to 30 or 50 or 100 people in a church it becomes increasingly more difficult to live like a family, truly know each other, carry each other’s burdens, and build each other up.  Too often people view a Sunday morning the big gathering as the primary context of church, and the community group as optional.  For us, we want to everyone to opt into sharing life, and therefore the primary context of church for them is a spiritual family of 15-25 people. 

Our church is a community church reaching those on a college campus. Our families, professionals, and students understand that this is our mission field to seek to save the lost, revive the saved, and train them all at WSU. Our mission statement is to Engage this campus with the love of God, Inform people of the good new of Jesus, and Inspire others as we follow Jesus!

Here is a snapshot of what the House Church Sunday Service looks like:

Time: Sundays 11:00AM
Primary Location: Varies from House Church to House Church

If you would like to get connected with one of our H2O House Churches CLICK HERE and we will respond as soon as possible!

H2Ohana Service - We Meet Once A Month With All House Churches Together

It is a joy to gather together with our whole community, house church families (Ohana) to celebrate King Jesus! Our once a month, large Sunday gatherings have a full worship set, teaching, and share a meal afterwards. Typically we would meet on the campus of Wright State University for our large gatherings, but due to COVID, locations change so stay connected via Facebook, Instagram, or Group Me.

Here is a snapshot of what the large Sunday Service looks like:

Time: Sundays 11:00AM
Primary Location: Wright State Student Success Center 009 | Parking Lot #7

Designed to connect the Gospel of Jesus to all people, we come together to engage in worship, to inform each other of the truths of the Bible, and to inspire a life of faith in our community here at WSU. We hope to see you!

You can expect to find:

  • Atmosphere: that is friendly, comfortable, and welcoming to all
  • Teachings: that are Biblical, challenging, respectful, honest, and centered in the Gospel
  • Music: that is loud, upbeat, and always about Jesus
  • Ohana (Family): Food & Fellowship afterwards

We always start the Sunday before the Week starts the new semester! And we always take off the Sunday of Finals to transition into Summer or Christmas Break!

How Do You Handle Child Care?

Each house church takes care of its own childcare needs. For example, one location may have a rotation of parents taking care of the kids, while another may have the older kids take care of the younger kids, or still another may have the kids stay with the rest of the group without it being distracting to the group.

If you have further questions, please email us at h2o@h2owrightstate.com for more information.

Visiting From Out Of Town?

Unless you have been invited by a specific house church, we are only able to host visitors passing through on specific Sundays where our house churches gather together for one large service. Due to the fluid nature of our church and COVID, our gathering times and locations are always changing, so please check back here frequently for any changes. Currently, the info for the next open large gathering is: CLICK HERE

If you have further questions, please email us at h2o@h2owrightstate.com for more information.

We invite you to join us for a potluck meal following the service as well!

Why don't you have services like Christmas Eve Service or Good Friday?

Some of our House Churches actually do gather as a family of community to do advent, Good Friday, Sunrise Worship or any other special services that are done to remember what Christ has done. We use this time to encourage our body to go and have church with their family back home, be missional and share what God has been doing in your life with family & church friends back home.

Whether your family and friends know God or do not, God can use you to revive them with your testimonies from each semester! These outreaches can be highly relational moments when you go home and invite your family to go to a Bible believing church if they have not gone in a while. We also have helped with partner churches in the area who use these services as outreaches to connect with their community, it is a joy to serve!