A movement to serve, not just consume

H2O Teams are opportunities that allow us to serve, living our lives for the sake of others. Teams are places where we can both discover the passions and gifts that God has given us while using them to be a blessing to others.


Playing or singing in the H2O Worship Band is more than just preforming a song or playing some notes. Our band leads the church in worship every week! It is a great honor and privilege, so we take this position in the church seriously.

If you are interested in being a part of our Worship Team, please take a moment to fill out this form HERE - outlining some questions and requirements that we have for our band members. Once you complete the form, we will be in contact with you if there is need for your position and to set up an audition.

Production Team

We hope to make the worship, sermon, and videos clearly heard, understood, and seen. The production team works hard behind the scenes to make sure that everything is set up, runs smoothly and people are not distracted by feedback or noises and can focus on hearing and learning about God, and then torn down at the end of service. We are looking for volunteers who have a radical servant heart and mindset!

Production Team : Contact Ben Lam (sstswimmer@gmail.com)

First Impressions Team

The (FIT Team) First Impressions Team makes that first impression a positive one. We do this by making everyone feel welcome and connected into our church body. We are looking for people who have a smile and a heart to serve & connect with others. A friendly personality goes a long way on this team!

  • Friendly, detail oriented, loves people, and loves to smile :)
  • Attend all our bi-weekly or monthly event team meetings to plan the events and divide up responsibilities
  • Own and be faithful with your specific event responsibilities in the weeks prior to an event

If you are interested in joining the Events or Operations team, please email. Caleb Jones (cjones@h2owrightstate.com)


We make it so that people are able to connect with God easier through what they see. From lyrics, to sermon notes, to videos, our goal is to help people fully engage in what God is doing during that gathering. We are always looking for new, bright young talent who have a passion and desire to serve God in the areas of:

  • Sound Board: Anyone can learn to do this key role in running the basics of sound with our digital sound board for Sunday Morning Worship.
  • Graphics, Video & Photography: Calling all artists, graphic designers, and photographers for creating and implementing unique and attractive visual art and graphics.
  • Multimedia Presentations: Learn to implement the visual media including song lyrics, teaching notes and announcements for our Sunday services.

Please take a moment to fill out a brief form HERE, letting us know a little more about yourself and your graphic background and skill set. If you have any questions or creative ideas you would like to share, please contact Aaron Kaufman at (akaufman@h2owrightstate.com).

h2o kids

We are a church that lives and breathes discipleship; this includes our kids! It is a great blessing to have volunteers use their time to help watch and teach the children that belong to our staff and families. H2O Kids allows families the opportunity to attend and participate in Sunday services. 

  • To better help us know you, your abilities, and your desire to serve, please take a moment to fill out the Childcare Volunteer Form HERE.

    We will be in contact with you once we receive and review your form. For any further questions, please contact Kari Ortega at mrskariortega@gmail.com.

  • Internships

    H2o Internship

    An H2O Internship is a 3 to 12 month opportunity designed to give you a chance to further develop your leadership abilities and to give you a taste of vocational ministry. While service, mentoring, and ministering alongside the H2O Staff Team, our hope is for you to continue to grow as a fully devoted follower of Christ. We want your internship with H2O to be the best possible.

    For further information:

    Download our H2O Internship Fact Sheet (PDF may not open correctly on some browsers, so please download for full view.)

    For a list of H2O ministry Team serving opportunities with their descriptions and requirements or any questions contact any Staff Member or email h2o@h2owrightstate.com.

    Fill out an Application by clicking on the button below and a staff member will contact you in regards to your application and to schedule an interview.