Since 2002 WilderneSS (Spiritual Solitude) excursions have brought profound times of renewal, spiritual discovery, and life transformation to the lives of hundreds of participants. Well over half of all participants have experienced significant breakthroughs in their relationship with God, while others have heard from God on a level never before experienced.

Read the testimonies and learn more about these life-changing excursions and then ask yourself if Jesus might be saying to you, “Come away with me to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

"Don't you feel a tug, a yearning to sink down into the silence and solitude of God? Don't you long for something more? Doesn't every breath crave a deeper, fuller exposure to his Presence? It is the discipline of solitude that will open the door." - Richard Foster


Whether in the mountains of Colorado or the deserts of California WilderneSS excursions are comprised of 5 days of complete solitude. Of the five days one is spent in silence and three in fasting. Besides the necessary camping equipment and food rations you will be packing just a bible and a journal.

The WilderneSS fee covers transportation from the originating airport to and from the wilderness site, some equipment, celebration meal, hotel room, wilderness guide, and other miscellaneous items.

WilderneSS fee does not cover your flight, most equipment, and most of your meals. The WilderneSS excursion fees range from $650 to $750 depending on the location and the number of participants.

Previous camping experience is not a prerequisite in order to participate in an excursion. Pre-excursion training is thorough as it relates to the spiritual, physical, emotional, and logistical aspects of the excursion.

The amount and type of equipment, clothing, and food is set by WilderneSS. This is an important part of the overall strategy of the program that insures the best possible outcome for the participants of WilderneSS.


WILDERNESS Testimonies

  • Aaron Zink, Creative Arts Pastor

    “This time has been one of the most profound spiritual renewals of my life. I connected with the Almighty in a way so powerful, I can’t put it into words. This has been the best investment of time, energy, and money I have ever made for a spiritually building activity. No retreat or teaching, worship service or song has ever moved me this deeply. To know that I can encounter God in this way will, I hope, forever remind me to seek him earnestly.”

  • Adam Just, Pastor

    “WilderneSS took place almost a year ago and it continues to affect and direct my life. I often ponder the things that God taught me about Himself out there. I was able to connect and listen to God like never before. He taught me to be silent and listen for his quiet and gentle voice. WilderneSS revealed hard things about my character and helped me truly appreciate my wonderful wife in deeper ways. I am truly thankful for WilderneSS and would encourage anyone to consider taking part themselves.”

  • Andy Petersen, Engineer

    “It has been the most profound experience of my life. I never before have experienced such intimacy and connection with God. As I ponder my week here I am moved to tears. I had no idea that God could be so present and so quiet and so profound and so powerful. This changes everything, it opens a whole new world of faith for me.”

  • Bill Lautenschlager, Missionary

    “I come away from this with a new relationship with God. He went from being an impersonal, distant father to a compassionate dad and best friend whose love for me is undying. He showed me his love for me like I’ve never experienced. This has been a breakthrough for me. Knowing he and I can talk or hang out whenever and wherever is a miracle for me. This brings a whole new dimension to my life and ministry!”

  • Dave Brunelle, Pastor

    “WilderneSS' beauty is in its simplicity. It does what is probably needed most in the church; bringing believers to a place where they can encounter the Holy. I feel God took me to a new place at WilderneSS. I don’t believe I’ve experienced a brokenness quite this intense before. This will take my ministry as a husband, father, friend, and a pastor to a whole new level.”

  • Joshua Zolman, Missionary

    “My WilderneSS experience brings to mind a quote by Mike Yaconelli, 'I’m ready for a Christianity that ruins my life, that captures my heart, and makes me uncomfortable.’ I have not known anything like that until now. I don’t know how much I have really experienced God before WilderneSS. My hope is that every day in ministry I would look back to this time and remember what it means to encounter Jesus Christ. If I continue to live as I do – or have been – I will die a part of our ministerial system that we have created. But if I can spend my life encountering the Lord like I have here I will leave this earth knowing I have truly pleased my Father and hopefully taken others with me on that journey."

  • Neil Kring, Pastor

    "I’ve faced things I’ve never faced before. I’m leaving a broken, humble man, who has learned how to walk with God in intimate companionship. I’m going to incorporate solitude into my daily life. Not a quiet time, I’ve done that for years, but a faith walk and a conversational relationship with God on a daily basis. I now have greater confidence that God does want to speak to me.”

  • Nicholas Monterosso, Consultant

    "It was physically draining. I have never been more exhausted, hungry, or cranky in all my memory. The third night of the fast I could not believe how angry I was - cursing and flailing and hoping for the whole thing to be over. I did not know how to be alone with God. It forced me to seek Him. It forced me into dealing with who I am. Ultimately it forced me to be honest with God. It has changed me forever."

  • Nick Modrzejewski, Missionary

    “This time has been an extremely powerful time in my walk of faith. God showed me my brokenness only to build me back up again with a foundation of his love. I believe he also began to teach me how to listen for his voice and leading in my life. I feel as if I’m starting anew as I head out into the world. My job going out from here will be to make sure I don’t let busyness and distraction cloud my life and separate me from God.”

  • Ryan Kozey, Analyst

    “My life has been enhanced dramatically because I was able to wrestle myself away from my normal culture and connect with God in a manner that I had not previously known. I feel changed and transformed by this time. (What I’ve experienced here) isn’t normal for many people in my life or in my church, but I sense that it needs to be. Getting away from the grip of mainstream culture seems imperative to me now when it comes to spiritual growth and transformation.”

  • Steve Norman, Pastor

    "The whole experience was easily the most demanding thing I've ever done on purpose ... it really forced me into God. WilderneSS has shown me how my compulsions (food, email, TV) tend to govern my free time. Now I know I can do without them and how much I really do enjoy being with God. I'm also thinking differently about who I am. In the wild nobody can see your gifts or talents so you cannot be defined by them. I'm learning that I have value and worth to God independently of anything I try to 'do' for God publicly. I've learned how much I need God and how energizing it is to be
    near Him.”

  • Wayne Wager, Pastor

    “I loved many things about WilderneSS. It was a strenuous trip, especially for me. But, it was very doable. The acceptance I received and feeling of brotherhood was extremely satisfying. The country we hiked was excellent. The leadership and planning was superb. And what made it great was that God went. He was present and active. It felt like the Lord’s action was quickened during the week, as if God specifically is fond of times away in the woods. If you wonder at all if you should go, you should. Don’t miss doing WilderneSS!”

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