LT (Leadership Training) is a 4-week program geared to help you deepen your walk with Christ, develop authentic relationships, and learn what it means to be on mission as a life-long follower of Jesus. LT creates a unique environment we affectionately liken to spiritual bootcamp, designed to foster tons of growth in character, biblical understanding, and leadership, all while working or taking classes alongside others from H2O.

Colorado Estes Park LT

Every year, you have to answer the question:

“What are you going to do with your summer?” 

Do you go home, work a summer job, take summer classes,

try to get an internship? 

What if there was something you could do with your summer that would impact the rest of your life? What if you could spend a summer in the mountains, on the water, or in another country?

What if you could experience living, working, playing, sharing your faith with others, and growing in your relationship with God within a dynamic Christian community?

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H2O International LT

Summer of 2019, we will spend a month working with the IMB (International Mission Board) Borderlands Refugee Ministry in Uganda, Africa within the "borderlands" region, between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.

The focus of the ministry is on the Sudanese refugees in Uganda. South Sudan’s civil war has driven a quarter of a million people into a Ugandan camp the size of a city. God is at work and there are incredible opportunities for ministry and the spread of the Gospel.

● Personal Evangelism: When coupled with one of our projects this can be a powerful testimony to God’s love and care for people.

● Bore Hole Repair: Get your hands dirty and work up a sweat by joining in and helping do the repairs with our trained team.

● Housing Projects: Work alongside Ugandans and refugees to build housing in the settlements.

● Soap Project: Learn how to make soap and create multiple batches that will be distributed in the settlements.

● Evangelistic Films: Spend the night in the settlement and after a long day of ministry show an evangelistic film in the evening.

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